What Are The Differences Between Private & Public Schools?

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Deciding whether a public or private school is the right choice is a very important decision. It can be one of the most telling commitments you’ll make. There are many variables. Each has benefits and disadvantages. One important factor is, of course, cost. Here are some other factors to consider:

Public schools are federally funded institutions that are regulated by the state and ascertain all children have the chance to learn in a class environment — as opposed to home education. Class room sizes in public schools usually range from 25 to 30 students until they get to college; after college the class size can increase to 200 students. It often depends on the institution’s funding. There is obviously much less one-on-one time with their professors or teachers. Private schools usually have much smaller classes with easier access to lecturers.

The much smaller classes in private grade schools — approximately 10 to 15 students —allow far more individual attention and promote active participation in class discussions. Funding is limited for public schools, and private schools are obviously more expensive and admission more difficult. There is usually no obstacle getting into state schools.

Public schools have certified teachers, but private schools hire teachers who usually have a good track record and history. Private schools in Georgia (and elsewhere) are usually better equipped to prepare students for college and usually have better motivated students and offer specialized programs. Public schools, on the other hand, often have more facilities for special needs students. Public schools are sometimes able to offer specialized assistance for private schools that have limited special needs facilities.

Parochial schools offer classes focused on religion and special education schools offer remedial and counselling programs. A few private schools also offer highly advanced programs as well. On average private colleges often have fewer degree options — which can be a problem if you want to change courses. Some private schools offer single single sex education that can in some instances  promote more concentration on studies. All the programs offered at private schools tend to keep students occupied and focused on their work.

Private schools in Georgia (and elsewhere)may seem like the perfect option to learn and it’s important to make sure that the school environment meets the needs of the particular student. Some students learn better in a crowded environment while others prefer a quiet, smaller one. For some the cost of private education is prohibitive.

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