Why Study at Winchester University?

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The University of Winchester has a passion to assist students in reaching their goals and full potential. The city of Winchester lies about 20 miles north of the English south coast area of Southampton. Just like its neighbouring city it is a student hub with many fine universities. The University of Winchester has been recently shortlisted as one the UK’s top universities in the country.

The city is easily rated as one of the nicest places in Britain to live. A recent survey in 2017, which measured quality of life, ranked Winchester as right near the top of this list. The campus and student accommodation centres are just 8 minutes’ walk from the city centre.

The University of Winchester offers both postgraduate and undergraduate courses. There are a wide range of subjects to study here too. The campus particularly specialises on the arts, humanities, social science, business studies, legal, recreation and sport.

There are also several courses specialising in the study of education, health and social services care. Staying here and studying in Winchester is also a great way to focus on your learning.

The accommodation centres are expected to be ready in time for the new term in September 2019 and rooms will be spacious, light, and innovative in design, with comfortable beds and plenty of room to store all those goods and belongings a student often brings along after they have moved out of the parental home.

Links to local infrastructure is also well catered for: the nearest bus stop to the campus and accommodation blocks is just a minute’s walk away. The city centre and its shops are within a 15-minute stroll.

The life of a student is very active. There are plenty of things and events to get involved in when studying at the campuses of the University of Winchester. The student centres regularly hold Halloween theme nights, quiz evenings, movie nights and social gatherings to make sure all pupils are not feeling left out.

Winchester University has regularly featured in the running the top spot in the UK for studying. When a student first arrives in Winchester they can expect a welcome committee with a small social gathering, an introduction to their accommodation and a guide showing them where all the local amenities are located.

It is also worth noting Winchester has a very low crime rate and serves as a safe and peaceful city to live and study in.

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