Different types of CCNA courses

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CCNA (CISCOcertified network associates) is a certification course in the IT field. A lot of students in Pune want to pursue this course. This certificate provides you with professional tag in the networking field. As the course is tough, you may need help of a teacher for it. There are a lot of CCNA training institutes in Pune that can help you.

Here are some courses that fall under the CCNA-

CCNA Switching and Routing

This is one of the most commonly pursued courses in the whole CCNA course set. This allows you to understand the technological advancements and how to adapt to new technology efficiently. It helps you to gain the knowledge of foundational technologies.

CCNA cyber-ops

As cyber crimes have seen a rise in the past few decades there was a need ofproper courses that can train people to prevent these crimes. Hence, CCNA cyber ops is a certification that is tailor made for training people about how to avoid and prevent cyber crimes.

CCNA cloud

This can be considered as a new addition to the CCNA course as cloud computing has seen a rise in the recent decade only. By doing this certification, you will learn about management and the working of cloud computing systems. It opens up career fields like Cloud engineer, cloud administrator, network engineer etc.

CCNA Collaborations

This certification is basically designed for those who work in or want to join the field of IP Telephony, network video engineering or IP network engineering. This certification allows you to enhance your video and collaboration skills with respect to convergence of video, audio, and mobile applications.

CCNA Security

This is one of the toughest but most important certification is the list. It provides you skills and knowledge to secure CISCO’s networks, it involves developing a infrastructure that is secure, identifying and dealing with the threats and vulnerability that it may face

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